Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whole 30 Day 30... DONE!

That's riiiight - we made it through all thirty days of no grain, sugar, dairy, alcohol, or beans. And survived! Brandon officially dropped 15 pounds, and I'm hovering around 7 pounds off.  What's more important, though, is that we feel pretty fantastic.  I have already elaborated about how this diet has improved our wellbeing, so I won't go into detail again. 

Moving forward, I don't see us going back to the way we ate before.  I didn't expect to say this, but I think this diet has "revolutionized" the way we eat and think about food.  We plan to continue eating according to the Paleo diet, which means googling "paleo + chicken..." "paleo + fish..." etc. in order to get some real good recipes, and sticking to a natural diet.  There are also a lot of blogs I've stumbled upon that have some darn good recipes.

Now that we're through with the very restrictive, it's time to start introducing some elements that we eliminated in order to see how our bodies react.  We already know about soy for BW.  I'm curious to see how his body responds to dairy in particular, and then gluten.  My main goal personally is to not let sugar take hold again, and to continue cooking meat and vegetable based meals, with the occasional grain, instead of the other way around.  I also want to continue being aware of what additives are in my food, and avoid them.  As much as possible.

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  1. The Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook is awesome as well as Great job and keep it up! I am so glad you guys are feeling better:-)