Sunday, April 8, 2012

Three Limericks for My Kids

It's day eight of Poem-a-day April, and I'm feeling fresh out of ideas today, so for fun, I wrote a few limericks for Lydia, Elvis, and Henry.  It was a fun little project, actually.  Here they are:

There once was a girl named Lydia
who flew to a town in Australia.
She arrived too late
for her dinner date
but made it for the koala polka.

There once was a boy named Elvis
who went to the moon on some business.
He wore a red tie
and the aliens asked, "Why?
We only dress formal on Venus."

There once was a boy named Henry
who climbed to the top of a tree.
He looked all around
from the sky to the ground
and then said, "I saw all I can see."

I didn't pick easy names to rhyme, apparently.

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