Tuesday, September 20, 2011

You May Say I'm a Dreamer

Over pizza tonight at Brookside Park, Elvis and Lydia shared how they are going to live next door to one another when they grow up, and they will visit each other every day.  We asked where we will live, and they said that we can live next door, too. 

Brandon said, "Lydia, you can buy John's house, and Elvis, you can buy Tyler and Alicia's house (our next door neighbors)."

Elvis interrupted, "No, I'm going to buy a farm."

"Oh, yeah?" We chuckled. "That's great buddy!"

"Can I build a baseball field on it?" Brandon asked.

"Yeah. And I'm going to have a garage for my tractors," he said. "Lydia will live next to me, and you guys can live next to her," only he said "zur guys" because he's just that cute.

"What about Henry," we asked.

"He's a baby!" he said, "He'll live with you!"


Clearly, our kids have their futures all planned out. 

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