Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good News!

I just got an email from the editor of The New Formalist, and they are going to publish one of my poems! Now, three people think I'm awesome! ;) I am very excited about this one, too, because it is a formal poem I first wrote as an undergraduate. I've done some revision to it, but not much. Happy happy happy. :)

Singing Birds

When pairs of chattering birds dart in and out
of trees as if distance will calm the fight,
I swear I hear the parting two prepare
a song, some lonesome twittered sighs.
So when they meet again, the voices rise –
ring true the time they lost by sudden flight.

Lost in bitter sentence fragments, we fall
so far from seeing eye to eye, our words
have silenced every sullen argument.
But wandering eyes and anxious hands may break
the wordless air, and hands composed to shake
entwine in held duet: like singing birds.


  1. This is apparently just your year for publishing! Congrats on this latest authorly venture!

  2. I think your pretty awesome too! Congratulations :)